primeonsell teory

In summary
in summary is the creation of jobs based on the operations of several collaborators throughout the country with the help of a web platform where employees will connect and sell or encourage the purchase of products and services on the portal to all People who manage to reach. with regard to job creation in the terms and structure of the project consider it a side effect due to the sales process and promotion of staff found us on the Italian territory and all those linked effect due for example to the distribution and increments work of the companies that will join us a theory to support the project expressed on several occasions by LOIACONO PHILIP and (misalign MARKETS) theory which is based on the project PRIMEONSELL for example imagine two parallel lines (which are the mainstay distribution and logistics) which move in the same direction so doing create variations but not if both detach a small branch handled differently from one side will decrease the profits of the current system without changes so significant as to justify dismissal on the other opportunities it will create will be to give to other figures (such as our vendors) a possibility linked to purchasing power will increase even the possibility in the medium to long term the big distribution to profit from those figures that were devoid of economic resources that can in turn become customers of the same current density for structural system then think of a greater number of people working in a place (the two lines) where previously it operated a chain of events resulting in less profit. the determination of the profits will be tied to the total sales by the companies present on the site which will of course be subject to contracts, but also by the financial connections with what are being formed partnerships with which you will have a strategy to assist the standard operating the market (the exchange of products and services) the ability to choose a financial company to be entrusted with the money thus generated a return of profits realized by merchants and companies in our financial channels